Next Year in … Argentina

Argentinean-born Israeli filmmaker Jorge Gurvich and journalist Shlomo Slutzky met in Buenos Aires in the 1970s before both men emigrated to Israel. Thirty years later, they return to Argentina to investigate Jewish-Argentine history, identity, homeland and attitudes towards Israel. Over a period of six years, Gurvich and Slutzky interview a variety of Argentinean Jews, examining their decisions to remain in Argentina or emigrate to Israel. As the filmmakers delve deeper in their search for answers, their own experiences and attitudes become central to the film. For Gurvich, living in Israel seems natural and yet, he is drawn back to Argentina. “I have family in Israel, I’m an Israeli filmmaker, but my heart is still here, in faraway Argentina, and this tears me apart.”

Original title:
El Año que Viene en...Argentina
62 minutes

Shown at

  1. 21st Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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