Leonard Bernstein: A Total Embrace

This personal and loving tribute to the legacy of Leonard Bernstein by his daughter, Nina, focuses on the extraordinary contribution Bernstein made to the education of children, mainly through his Young People’s Concerts, which were broadcast on American television for an astonishing 14 years. Beginning with a question, such as “What does music mean,” Lenny demystified classical music and conveyed the joy of all kinds of music in a way that made it both understandable and wonderfully enjoyable to people of all ages. Nina traces the sometimes challenging journey of her sister Jamie and conductor Michael Barrett (a former student of Bernstein’s), as they recreate and introduce these concerts, using Lenny’s own music from “West Side Story” to illustrate “What makes music dance?”, in Beijing, Havana and—coming full circle to where it all began—at Carnegie Hall in New York. The Bernstein children, Nina, Jamie and Alexander, also visit their family home in Fairfield, Connecticut, and reminisce about their father’s love of people, and the energy, generosity and fun he brought to their lives. “He wanted to embrace everything and everyone…” says Nina, “and then give it all back.” http://www.tjff.com/film-info.php?id=403

50 minutes

Shown at

  1. 19th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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  1. Rosie Rosenzweig says:

    Where can I buy a copy of this documentary? RR
    We are having a celebration of Bernstein’s work next year.

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