From Philadelphia to the Front

Poster for From Philadelphia to the Front From Philadelphia to the Front is the first documentary to focus on Jewish American World War II veterans. Many documentaries have been devoted to the topic of the destruction of European Jewry in Nazi-occupied Europe but relatively little attention has been focused on Jewish Americans who participated in the Allied victory in World War II. This film focuses on six Philadelphia veterans in their 80’s, and their individual experiences during the war and a bittersweet reunion they share in their old age. For Jews, the war to defeat Hitler had deeply personal significance. Combined with photographs from the men’s personal collections, the film includes rare archival footage, stills, and newsreels including Jewish soldiers celebrating Shabbat and Passover during wartime and the first Jewish service at Dachau after it was liberated. Milton Dank, a noted physicist and historian who flew glider planes in World War II, contributed hundred of photographs he took on the front lines.

37 minutes
Marianne Bernstein, Judy Gelles

Shown at

  1. Gershman Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival Fall Fest - 2020

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