Turn Left at the End of the World

Poster for Turn Left at the End of the World The year is 1969. Into a small town in the Israeli desert, inhabited mostly by Moroccan immigrants, come a few indian families - who have immigrated to israel seeking a better life in the west. Not only do the Indians end up in a place distant from the mythical "West" - they also find themselves embroiled in a cultural war with the Moroccans.

110 minutes
Avi Nesher

Shown at

  1. 24th Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2014
  2. Beth Jacob Israeli Film Festival - 2017
  3. Israel 66 Film Festival (Bangalore) - 2014
  4. Israel Film Festival Los Angeles - 2018
  5. Israel Film Festival New York - 2019
  6. UW Hillel Israeli Film Festival - 2010

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