My 100 Children

The story of a holocaust survivor, young teacher and psychologist, Lena Kuchler, who, at her early 30's established, single-handed, a home for surviving children from eastern Poland. Kuchler's children's house functioned both as a school and a clinic for physical and mental injuries. Her unique approach, which was inspired by Janush Korchack, was extremely progressive and highly experimental for its time, because the horrors it had to deal with had no precedent. Due to violent anti-Semitic attacks on the house, Lena had to flee with her 100 children out of Poland, with false passports and great danger. She crossed Europe with them, until they found a safe shore in France. She nursed the children to rehabilitation, until the founding of new state of Israel # where she resettled the children as citizens. In 1959 Lena Kuchler published "My Hundred Children", the first of her Best-seller books...

68 minutes

Shown at

  1. 5th Jewish Film Festival Zagreb - 2011
  2. Jewishfilm - 2010

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