Lev Haaretz / Ramleh

A timely and powerful look at the ideological, cultural and political conflicts in contemporary Israel. This highly original documentary profiles three seemingly disparate women residing in the town of Ramleh. Located in the heartland of Israel, this former Palestinian territory serves as a microcosm of the beliefs, biases and conflicts of women living in the country today. Profiled in this compelling documentary are Sima and Orly, two ultra-Orthodox Jewish women who rediscover religion and enthusiastically support the conservative "Shas" party, the third largest political party in Israel; Svetlana, a single-mother and recent immigrant struggling to establish herself in her new country; and Gehad, a young Muslim teacher and law student attempting to find a sense of national identity.

Original title:
58 minutes
Michal Aviad

Shown at

  1. Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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