Leo & Claire

Poster for Leo & Claire LEO AND CLAIRE is a love story of a husband and wife who take different paths to their lives ends. The film is based on a true story of Leo Katzenberger, and his wife Claire, prosperous German Jews who owned an apartment building and a shoe factory. In 1933, Irene, a beautiful young women, alone and confused, moves into Leo's apartment building. An exhibitionist, Irene reveals her nude, voluptuous body before her apartment windows in an enticing display. Many of the neighbors engage in erotic fantasies about Irene. Leo, acting improvidently, and underestimating the Nazi threat, befriends Irene and is subsequently wrongly accused by the Gestapo of having an affair with her in violation of the recently passed Nuremberg Laws forbidding sexual relations between Jews and Aryans. Leo and Claire remain bound to each other even as they take separate journeys to their graves. http://www.gpjff.org/2010/leo_claire.html

Original title:
Leo und Claire
103 minutes

Shown at

  1. Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival - 2010

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