Evgueni Khaldei, photographer under Stalin

Evgueni Khaldei was born in 1917. He was wounded during a pogrom and orphaned at the age of one. At 12, he made his own camera with his grandmother's spectacle lenses. Humble beginnings. But many years later he was to become the greatest photographer of the Soviet regime. It was he who took the historic photograph symbolizing the end of World War II, 'the fall of the Reichstag'. He attended the Potsdam meetings and the Nuremberg trials. He took the most important portraits of Stalin. In 1948, he was fired from the Tass Agency for being a Jew. After Stalin's death he was taken on at « Pravda » and worked there from 1953 until 1972 when he was once again fired because of his Jewish origins. He has photographed every president, artist and major event of the USSR. His work, now acknowledged and acclaimed all over the world, is a treasure trove, a chapter of the history of mankind. In this film, Evgueni Khaldei invites us into his home. He tells us about the sixty years he spent as a photographer for his people and the regime, and for the first time ever, reveals his entire photo library. http://www.wajnbrosse.com/uk/ft_khaldei-an.htm

60 minutes

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