Poster for Leni Leo Hiemer made "Leni" in 1993 based on a true story. A five-year-old girl, who is housed with Allgäu farmers as a foster child, had to say goodbye to his homeland from one day to the next in 1943. His Jewish mother had been murdered a year earlier. The girl is transferred to the "home facility for Jews in Berg am Laim" in Munich. All efforts by the foster father and the village teacher to bring the child back to Stiefenhofen remain unsuccessful. The home was closed a little later, the residents were deported to Auschwitz. "Leni" (Gabi Schwarz) was murdered there on March 16, 1943. Leo Hiemer's film depicts Leni's growing up in the rural idyll of the Allgäu, the drama that suddenly breaks through the family and the attempts to rescue him in Munich. In the end there is only the memory of a small child who fell victim to the inhumane ideology of the National Socialists.

Original title:
Leni ... Muss Fort
86 minutes
Leo Hiemer

Shown at

  1. Jüdische Filmtage in München - 2020

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