Comics: Steve Shuster

Steve Shuster was “the very definition of a comic’s comic” (Brent Butt). TJFF honours the brilliance of the late Steve Shuster with a screening of this rare comedy special produced in 1994. Appearing in the early days of the Canadian stand-up scene of the 1970s, Shuster was greatly admired by his peers. “While other standups were struggling with making their acts as autobiographical as possible, Shuster was a staunch absurdist with an incredible ability to mimic and skewer pop culture.” (Mark Breslin) This comic sensibility is on display in this collection of stand-up, sketches and songs; even his father, famous funnyman Frank Shuster, is in a comedy bit. Comics: Steve Shuster shown courtesy of CBC.

23 minutes
Joel Goldberg

Shown at

  1. 26th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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