A Bit of Luck / Tipat Mazal

Jojo is a talented singer in Marocco who entertains at Jewish celebrations together with his wife who is a belly dancer. When she leaves him the night before they are to leave for Israel, Jojo decieds to make the journey with his little daughter. They arrive in Israel, experience the difficulties of life in a transit camp, and eventually settle down in the small town of Atlit where Jojo sings in the local café. As the years pass, Jojo’s daughter grows up to be a beautiful young woman. When her father goes blind as a result of heavy drinking, she atarts singing to earn the money needed to take care of him.

Original title:
Tipat Mazal
90 minutes
Ze'ev Revach

Shown at

  1. 15th Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris - 2015

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