Alan & Naomi

Poster for Alan & Naomi New York, 1944. It is wartime, and Alan, a young Jewish teenager, likes to hang out in the street playing stickball with his buddies. But, his parents have volunteered him for a task he is reluctant to take on- befriending Naomi, a French teenager who was scarred by seeing her father murdered before her eyes by the Gestapo. Now, she is near catatonic, trapped in her terror. With courage and affection, Alan struggles to help her break free from her abyss. Alan and Naomi is a story of trust and triumph, pain and joy, warmth and wonder. This is a story of friendship and peace in a world at war. Dove family approved.

96 minutes
Sterling Van Wagenen

Shown at

  1. Fresno Jewish Film Series - 2020

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