Once Upon a Giant

A delightful rarely-screened musical comedy for kids, parents and grandparents of all ages. Inspired by Wayne's grandchildren, and written by Wayne & Shuster, Once Upon a Giant is an affectionate send-up of Mother Goose, Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, filled with slapstick, verbal shtick and original songs by Wayne. Humphrey the Doctor (Shuster) and Lester the Jester (Wayne) outwit a giant that has taken over a royal kingdom, while the love between Princess Marigold (Gwendolyn Pacey) and Prince Daryl (Jeff Hyslop) is threatened by the evil Prince Malokeo (Tom Harvey). Johnny and Frank are backed up by a hilarious supporting cast that includes Carol Robinson, Jayne Eastwood, Jack Duffy and Don Cullen.

77 minutes
Trevor Evans

Shown at

  1. 24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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