The Last Sea / Ha-Yam Ha’Aharon

In 1945, multitudes of liberated survivors of the death camps, finding themselves homeless in Europe, sought to immigrate to Israel. This film recounts the survivors' journeys, including their danger-fraught passages through the borders of Europe and across the Mediterranean, confrontations with the British Navy, detention at camps on Cyprus, and their final, vindicating arrival in the land of their forefathers. The second in this epic trilogy of Israeli documentaries about the Holocaust and its aftermath, this film was edited together from over 30 hours of archival footage; in lieu of narration. These visuals are accompanied by the anonymous testimonials of witnesses, forming what the film's makers call "a historic poem."

Original title:
Ha-Yam Ha'Aharon
100 minutes
David Bergman, Jacques Ehrlich, Haim Gouri

Shown at

  1. 13º Punta del Este Jewish Film Festival - 2016

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