Jacob the Liar / Jakob, der Lügner

Poster for Jacob the Liar / Jakob, der Lügner An Eastern European Jewish ghetto in 1944, Jakob Heym is sent to the Gestapo office for allegedly breaking the curfew. By chance he gets away with his life, and by chance he hears a report on the radio there about the advance of the Red Army. He wants to pass the news on to his fellow-sufferers to give them hope, but is afraid they would think he was an informer because of his "connection" with the Gestapo. So he resorts to a lie, pretending to have hidden a radio. The people in the ghetto gain new courage. Jacob the Liar is a story about the importance of fantasy and hope for human dignity. ( Source )

Original title:
Jakob, der Lügner
100 minutes
Frank Beyer

Shown at

  1. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2020

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