Free to Be… You & Me

Poster for Free to Be… You & Me A journey rich with positive, life-enhancing messages about growth and change. Through a combination of live action, puppetry, and animation, the show promotes positive self-esteem through colorful songs and stories. It explores children's authentic experiences, their dreams and concerns, and their fears and fantasies. Among the highlights are Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks in Boy Meets Girl; football hero Rosey Grier singing It's All Right to Cry; Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack perform When We Grow Up; and Alan Alda narrates the tale of Atalanta. This enchanted fun-filled voyage of discovery is superb for both children and adults to enjoy together.

48 minutes
Bill Davis, Len Steckler, Fred Wolf

Shown at

  1. 23rd Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2015

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