A Young Man from the Innviertel – Adolf Hitler

Georg Stefan Troller and Axel Corti go to the intellectual roots of the National Socialist ideology and at the same time create a psychogram of young Hitler: from the death of the dominant father in 1903 to the enthusiasm about the First World War in 1914. The very beginning of the film makes it clear that Hitler's world view does not originate from an individual, but is carried by a collective. Anti-Semitism is omnipresent at that time. Hitler moves to Vienna where he finds a meagre income as an unsuccessful painter. However, the Vienna of the beginning 20th century offers him an ideal breeding ground for what was to shape his thinking. Interviews with contemporary witnesses repeatedly interrupt the plot – and some of those interviewed continue to share unbroken enthusiasm for this young man from the Innviertel. ( Source )

Original title:
Ein junger Mann aus dem Innviertel - Adolf Hitler
100 minutes
Axel Corti

Shown at

  1. Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien - 2020

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