In 1969, Polish director Marian Marzynski came to Denmark as a political refugee. After his arrival in Denmark, he made a film about his immigration, ”Letter from St. Lawrence to Poland ”. The film was shot on the ship St. Lawrence, who was docked in the harbor of Copenhagen and housed about 500 Polish Jews on the run. Here many years later, and with several recordings from the archive, Marzynski has now created a new film based on “Letter from St. Lawrence to Poland ”. The film is called "The Ship / Hatikvah", since 'ship' was the first word Marzynski learned in Danish, and 'hatikvah' means 'hope' in Hebrew. The "ship" has been selected to open the exhibition "A Stranger at Home" at the Polish-Jewish Museum in Warsaw for March.

51 minutes
Marian Marzynski

Shown at

  1. Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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