Before Tomorrow

Poster for Before Tomorrow The first Israeli feature film directed by a woman, Before Tomorrow consists of two short love stories centering on unlikely companions. The first segment, “Spring” is an experimental drama about a young couple’s brief love affair, starring a young Yisrael Poliakov of Hagashash Hahiver-fame. (This first part also demonstrates filmmaker Ellida Geyra’s training at the Juilliard School under Martha Graham.) The second part “Fall,” a comic love story between an elderly German-Jewish lady and an old Iraqi Falafel seller, was co-written by celebrated writer Yoram Kaniuk. In 1969, the film played at the Berlin Film Festival, but was largely forgotten until it was rediscovered in 2013. (Source)

Original title:
Lifnei Maher
90 minutes
Ellida Geira

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