Young People’s Concerts: What Does Music Mean

Leonard Bernstein’s acclaimed Young People’s Concerts, broadcast on American television for fourteen years, were not just a North American phenomenon. Translated into several foreign languages, the fifty-three shows were syndicated to forty different countries, and introduced an entire generation to the joys of all kinds of music. Looking back at the concerts years later, Lenny referred to them as “among my favorite, most highly prized activities of my life”. This original, black-and-white episode marked the debut of the extraordinarily engaging series. Leonard Bernstein (who also scripted the shows) and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra answer the question, “What Does Music Mean”, performing portions of Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, and Ravel’s La Valse, among other selections.

55 minutes

Shown at

  1. 19th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2011

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