The Earth Cries Out / Il grido della terra

Poster for The Earth Cries Out / Il grido della terra After having been interned in a concentration camp by the Nazis, Professor Taumen, a Jewish surgeon, and his future daughter-in-law leave Italy for Palestine. Once there they are guided by Arie', a member of the Haganah. In Palestine, the extremist Jews of the Irgoun wage a ruthless guerrilla against the British. One of the most active anti-English activists is David Traumen, the professor's own son, engaged to Dina. David now lives with Judith, another fanatic, devoted body and soul to the independence of the future Israel. Informed about the coming of his father, whom he did not hope to see any more, David meets him at the kibbutz housing the refugees. The unexpected presence of Dina upsets him beyond words. He also finds back Arie', with whom he fought in the Allied Army but he soon finds himself quarreling with him : one supports the moderate principles of the Haganah whereas the other advocates terrorism.

Original title:
Il grido della terra
90 minutes
Duilio Coletti

Shown at

  1. 26th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - 2018

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