The Jester / Der Purimspiler

This musical drama stars a lonely wanderer, a circus performer and Esther, the shoemaker's daughter, whose family tries to marry her into a prominent family. One of the film's centerpieces is a Purim shpil (Purim play) with its parade of costumes and music. The Jester's lively circus and vaudeville music and set pieces provide a glimpse of Warsaw's then-thriving Yiddish revues and cabarets, which were destroyed soon after. Many of the film's Polish-Jewish crew and actors were killed during the Holocaust, giving the film's touches of melancholy an even more profound reading for today's audiences.

Original title:
Der Purimspiler
90 minutes
Joseph Green & Jan Nowina-Przybylski

Shown at

  1. 10th Annual Houston Jewish Film Festival - 2014

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