Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival – 2015

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    Issues of identity at forefront in Tucson Jewish film festival

    The Tucson International Jewish Film Festival, featuring several international award-winning films, Arizona premieres, and special guests, will run Jan. 15-24, 2015.

  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival Brings Drama, History to Valley Screens

    ‘Tis the season. Shockingly, we’re not talking about football anymore. Instead, we’re talking about film. Sundance recently took over Park City, the Oscars are at the end of the month, and Phoenix was just entertained by our own LGBT film festival, Desperado.

  3. jewishfilmfests says:

    The Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival returns, and remains relevant with an eclectic lineup.
    The Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival kicks off Sunday, Feb. 8, with a 13-movie lineup of eclectic movies.

    The festival, which runs through Sunday, Feb. 22, has grown in size and stature every year, with better films showcased throughout the weeks. The festival fills an existing need now more than ever, says its executive director, Robert Segelbaum.

For information about this festival, including films shown and schedule, please click the 'website' link above.
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