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This site is not directly related to any of the films or film festivals listed. Please follow the links to contact individual films and festivals directly.

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  1. Kathy Hadley says:

    I have been trying to purchase The Good Son. Unfortunately is is not on your website anymore. How can I purchase.


  2. jewishfilmfests says:

    Dear Kathy,

    If you are referring to this movie ( ) it is still on this site and you can purchase it at Vimeo for viewing at

  3. Shmuel Harel says:

    my name is shmuel Harel From Israel i live in Maccabim Modeiin’
    my Father & Mother were from Nederland
    I edited a film about the period of the second World War and the Battle of Arnhem in Holland, my mother received the Medal of Freedom by General Eisenhower and after the war they (my family )came to Israel at the year 1950,
    Movie Dicomntri are details of people and places from that time,
    Very great honor if the film will attend your next festival
    best regards
    Shmuel Harel

  4. jewishfilmfests says:

    Dear Shmuel,

    Congratulation to your mother’s medal and to your film. This site is not directly related to any of the film festivals listed. Please follow the links to contact festivals directly.

  5. dana danon says:

    i have produced a film about the survaivel of my mother from the holucust “grandmother stories 33945”. i am interested to offer the movie to the relevant destival and will apriciate your help

    best regards
    dana danon

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      Dear Dana,

      Congratulation to producing your film. This site is not directly related to any of the film festivals listed. Please follow the links to contact festivals directly.

  6. Please add our 2016 Film Festival to your listed festivals:

    Peggy Pancoe Rosoff
    Co-Chair, Wilmington Jewish Film Festival
    May 1-4 and May 8-11, 2016

  7. lindy says:

    Please add us, we are the Jewish International Film festival in Australia

  8. Mishka Luft says:

    The web site is irrelevant to my question but I’m always happy to have others know about it.
    I am looking to rent the short film A GOOD UPLIFT. I saw it years ago and would like to show it for a meeting/event at my synagogue (Agudat Achim in Schenectady, NY.) I also saw it listed on a website that I can no longer find. Can you help me?

  9. Hello there,
    I’m interested in submitting two films to your festival. Can you please write back some information regarding the process? I couldn’t find any.
    Thank you very much and all the best,


  10. MARTIN AARON says:

    Dear JFF,


    Please advise me.

    Many thanks, Martin

  11. Kate says:

    I was trying to watch “The Voice of Peace” but there is no sound. Please advise on how I could see the movie with sound?
    Many Thanks,

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      You are right. the video didn’t have sound, thank you for pointing it out. FYI: The video is on YouTube where I found this note for this video: “This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.”

      Unfortunately, I didn’t find any other trailer online, so I don’t have an advice how/where to watch the film.

  12. James Eowan says:

    Hello there!

    You’ve really taken on a giant task with this site and I commend you!

    I am emailing from 7th Art Releasing. We specialize in Jewish films, many of which are listed on your site. I’d love to get any email newsletters, etc., that you send out and I’d also like to make sure you’re aware of our films.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Very best,

    James Eowan

    323 259 8259 office
    323 978 2529 fax

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      First of all thank you/7th Art for making great movies available in the US. I’ve seen many of them.

      Currently I am not sending out any emails or newsletters, so you didn’t miss anything. (Although I am thinking of how to make the site more known and might do emails in the future. )

      FYI: I just signed up for your newsletter. I’ve already been following your Facebook page

  13. Anna says:


    I would like to inquire if it would be possible to purchase а copy of Bulgarian Rhapsody.
    I would really appreciate any information!

  14. Steve says:

    Were can I get a copy of “The Disobedient Consul” by Uli Jurgens?

  15. Hi — I am the Festival Director of The White Mountain Jewish Film Festival located in Bethlehem, NH in the heart of the White Mountains. Our films are shown every other Thursday in July and August of each year. This year we are adding a fifth film, SON OF SAUL, for Friday August 5th, introduced by the Zen Master and co-founder BEARING WITNESS Program at AUSCHWITZ. Our Festival is as much a community builder and film festival. We bring together the scattered rural Jewish communities within a 50 mile radius, and enjoy a hour of free refreshments before the shows to socialize, and listen to a special guest speaker. Your lovely website finally came up on my search engine (maybe I needed to switch to Chrome?) Would you include us in your listing? I look forward to hearing from you. Dorothy Goldstone

  16. nicole izsak says:

    please add details for the Hong Kong jewish Film Festival to your website ..see our web link

  17. Jimmy O'Donnell says:


    This is Jimmy O’Donnell, I was the director of photography on this film. I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down the movie poster to “Marvin Hamlisch: What he did for love”. I’m wondering if you can guide me on where to find one.

    Thank you,


  18. Todd Bruse says:

    Hello jewishfilmfests,
    Just stopping in to let you know that the Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival will be holding the first of two MiniFests on Oct 20-23. The second MiniFest will be held in Mid-March with outside-of-fest films being developed to screen in between the two.

    Tune in for up to the minute posts while our official site ( ) gets updated.

  19. Lynn Davis says:

    Thank you! This site is a terrific resource!

  20. Rachel Shillingford says:

    how can I purchase a copy of ‘Our Boys’ ? thank you

  21. Jay Sorkin says:

    I am a film study leader for docents at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center and other Jewish groups in the Chicago area. I have been trying to find a U.S. compatible DVD of The Last Mentsch (der letzte Mentsch). Do you know if it is available in the U.S.? Thank you.

    Jay Sorkin

  22. Mara Miller says:

    I am wondering how we get our festival posted on to this site? I am representing the New Jersey Jewish Film Festival (NJJFF) which will be going into its 18th year and is the largest Jewish Film Festival in the state. Please let me know who I should contact about this.
    Thank you!

  23. Richard Brodesky says:

    We would like to show A Jew from Caborca at our synagogue. It was screened at the San Diego International Jewish Film Festival in 2016. Could you please tell me how to contact the distributor? Thanks in advance!

  24. Stephanie Whitson says:

    I am a member of a film festival committee working on short films for our festival in 2018. Would you be able to point me to a list of shorts, particularly Israeli films?

  25. Dorothy Barnes says:

    I have enjoyed film festivals over the last several years, and I hate I missed the last festival, I find them very interesting and educational, please email me on the next festivals dates here in Las Vegas

  26. Ana Laura says:


    We hope to find you well, we are the International Jewish Film Festival in Mexico and we have researched about your movie “Hatred: Into the Heart of Antisemitism “. We are interested in getting the screener in order to our selection committee can evaluate the possibility of its participation in our 16th Edition which will take place in January 2019. We hope you send us an electronic link for its review.

    I look forward to your kind reply.


    Ana Laura Gutierrez

    International Jewish Film Festival Mexico

  27. festival says:

    There also a film festival in Bruxelles

  28. Thank you for listing the Jewish Public Library’s 2019 Israeli & Jewish Film Festival! It is much appreciated.

  29. Steve Laskin says:

    Is anyone familiar with the film, “Soleil” starring Sophia Loren? I am hoping to purchase a DVD. Thank you.

  30. Lesley Rich says:

    Please add our lineup of films:
    Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival

    You have 1 film listed, we have 44 films.


  31. Steve Laskin says:

    Two things: put the LATEST comments at the top of the list, so we don’t have to scroll down forever to reach them. Second, can I adjust my notifications so that I hear about films at film festivals near me, rather than those that are 3,000 miles from where I live? Thanks!

  32. Teven Laxer says:

    Please update our Sacramento Jewish Film Festival website to

    Our 2020 dates are February 19-20-22-23.

  33. Please note that the Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival is now the Edward S. Finkelstein Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival. I would be most grateful if you would update our listing to reflect this. Thank you!

  34. Muara Johnston says:

    I am very interested in screening Stamm at our upcoming festival, but cannot locate any contact info for the director or the film anywhere. There is only an IMDB link. Any ideas on how to track him down?

  35. Michael Katz says:

    To whom it may concerned,

    I have seen “The man in shorts” 11.17.2919 in ArcLite in Glen.
    The movie supposed to start @ 5:15 pm, but they organized a huge crowd in lobby and were late on 20 min.
    The last movie was not about Israel and has ruined all pleasure that we got from Festival.
    Very bad.

  36. Noemi Herzig says:

    I was wondering if you could create a separate genre for shorts. That would be fantastic.

  37. Rosie Kimball says:

    Thank you for creating and maintaining this website. It is such an amazing resource!!!

  38. Suzanne says:

    I’m trying to get my hands on a couple of films listed here for a Jewish Film Festival in Boise, Idaho. Can you help figure out how to obtain Abe, Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel, Simon & Theodore, and Humor Me please? I don’t understand the process for finding them.
    Thank you so much.

  39. A a new citizen of Israel, I just produced a music video response to the pandemic crisis. The response has been so powerful — 2,100 + in the first three days since I uploaded it to YouTube — that I’m sharing it with communities around the world.

    Here’s wishing us all the best in the days ahead.

  40. Jana Brooks says:

    There are two movies I would love to see on this website. Europa Europa and For Sasha, can you let me know if it is possible to obtain these films.

  41. Greetings….our 2020 festival dates have changed again, now that we are “going virtual.” I would be most appreciative if you would post the new dates as soon as possible – they are: June 28th-July 30th, 2020. – a film series of two films per week for five weeks. If you need or want any more information, please let me know. Thank you.

  42. Carol Unfreed says:


    Can you please tel me if this film, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, is available in streaming or DVD format with English subtitles? An instructor at our university would like to show it in their class.

    Thank you,

  43. Teven Laxer says:

    I was trying to list the nine films that are part of our new Social Justice Film Festival. The Sacramento Jewish Film Festival is working with the NAACP, Sacramento Faces Race, the Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Central Valley Holocaust Educators Network.
    I paid the fee, but wasn’t brought back to any space to list our nine films.

  44. joel richmon says:

    how do we get a dvd of the new polish movie ‘I’ll find You’. i cannot seem to locate a copy of it anywhere and thanks very much.

  45. Egor Belikov says:

    Hello! Young Polacas is 116 minutes long, not 16 minutes. Thank you!

  46. Egor Belikov says:

    Also this film is called Sacred Talisman, not Sacred Talism, I guess 🙂

  47. Jen says:

    When will you be updating the website to include 2021 film festival dates?

  48. judy says:

    I received an email for ChaiFlicks for a charge of $18 for the year. When I try to sign up it says, I have a 7 day free trial and then cost will be $66 per month. Please let me know how to get the cost of $18 per year. Thank you, Judy Epstein

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