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Happy Purim

Chag Sameach Purim !

Wishing all readers and viewers Happy Purim with Tikva Odessah’s “Beekeeper / Пчеловод ” song!

The wagon we came in

Video poem of/from the Auschwitz concentration camp

Today’s is Tisha B’Av a Jewish mourning/fast day. Last week I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp with my family for the first time. Today I edited some of the pictures I shot into a video poem. I let this video speak how I felt there.

Lipa Schmeltzer “Mizrach” Official Music Video

Once again superstar Lipa Schmeltzer is using his celebrity status as a springboard for the greater good, with the release of a music video that uses a hit song to promote solidarity among Jews worldwide, no matter what their background or religious leanings.