Fundraiser: Refuge, A Short Film

THE FILM REFUGE tells the story of Rachel, a young Jewish-American woman who moves to Vienna, Austria to work for the IAEA. She befriends Yitzhak, an Ethiopian Jew and former refugee, who lives in her apartment complex. When confronted with their shared cultural history, Rachel must reconcile her past with Austria’s Holocaust history and the … Read more

Fundraiser: On the Map – Dani Menkin

From Jewcer: For everyone who loves sports and Israel, this film is for you! ON THE MAP is a fast-moving and awe-inspiring documentary by award-winning Israel filmmaker Dani Menkin. ON THE MAP recounts the story of the underdog ’76-’77 Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team who toppled the four-time defending Soviet Union team, and put Israel … Read more

Fundraiser: Alles in Allem (All Things Considered)

Alexa Karolinski’s next feature documentary looks at her Jewish German identity through history, politics, art and culture. As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Alexa Karolinski belongs to the so-called third generation. In All Things Considered, Alexa sets off on a journey from Los Angeles, where she lives today, to visit family, friends, artists, musicians and … Read more

Kickstarter: Picking Up the Pieces: Child Holocaust Survivors Rebuild

Provide support this film before the end of April: “Picking Up the Pieces is an examination of the memories, emotions, and beliefs of a group of child survivors, highlighting how they coped with their trauma in rebuilding their lives after the Holocaust. Child survivors were largely silent for 40 years after the Holocaust; as a result … Read more