The Austin Jewish Film Festival starts (online and with drive-ins) on November 7

From the festival’s site:

Austin Jewish Film Festival

The festival will consist of a safe, socially-distanced drive-in event for opening night, followed by a plethora of films and Q&A events in our Virtual Film Festival week, and capped off by a final drive-in event for closing night. We have way MORE films than ever—this year we’re not limited by theater showtimes. Tons of films to see at any time of night or day. In addition to the kind of films you’ve come to know and love us for, we’ve also added new, edgier films, and we’ve brought back some of your favorite movies from previous years as Best of The Fest Past. You’re sure to be spoiled for choice!

Tickets are between $8 and $18 per film depending on how muyh one wants to and can support the festival and whether one plans to watch the films alone or with others.

Check out the festival’s promotional video

For all the details about the festival check its website for juts the list of films check the festival’s page on this website.

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