The Lenore Marwil (virtual) Jewish Film Festival in Detroit starts on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Logo for the The Lenore Marwil (virtual) Jewish Film Festival in Detroit

According to the official website they will show 24 movies, but on or our page you will see 24. They combined the origial 2007 “Autism: The Musical” documentary with the 2020, shorter follow up, titled “Autism: The Sequel” into one showing, hence the difference. The films’ genres include 4 comedies, 10 documentaries, 11 daramas, 2 Holocaust related movies and 12 from or about Israel.

The festival includes 11 dicussions about the films (about these ones Flawless, City Of Joel, Douze Points, Mossad!, Back To Maracanã, Autism, They Ain’t Ready For Me, Children Of The Inquisition, The Damned, Born In Jerusalem And Still Alive, Miracle Of Miracles ) and they will remain available on the YouTube channel after they have broadcast live.

A pass for the whole festival costs $180 or you can watch a single movies for between $5 and $20.

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