Update on the Buenos Aires Jewish Film Festival

Excerpt from Vos Iz Neais?‘ article titled: How Buenos Aires’ Jews Have Weathered The Pandemic

Buenos Aires Jewish Film Festival

Over the past 16 years, the Buenos Aires Jewish film festival has debuted 250 movies by Israeli directors such as Yosef Shiloaj, Dan Wolman, Ayelet Bargur, Igaal Niddam, Ilan Heitne, David Volach, and Jorge Gurvich, and Americans Ann Coppel, Hilary Helstein, Adam Vardy, Gaylen Ross, and Adam Zucker.

The creator of the festival, Luis Gutman, 73, explained to JTA that the devaluation of the peso made it difficult for him to buy the rights of movies to exhibit at the festival. For 16 years, the festival showed films at the Cinemark cinema chain for two weeks in November.

“Cinemark cannot assure yet whether cinemas will reopen this year and it is not profitable for me to purchase the rights of movies and exhibit them online; so if the cinema industry remains closed, I’m thinking that there won’t be a festival this year and we will resume activities in 2021,” he said.

One thing is certain, though.

“[F]or sure it will not be an online festival,” Gutman said.

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