Kubrick’s Cruise Kidman Schnitzler Sex Sizzler

Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker by David Mikics

Tablet Magazine posted an excerpt from a new book in the Jewish Lives series: “Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker” by David Mikics. Here are the opening paragraphs:

A.I.,the Aryan Papers,and Eyes Wide Shut all present characters who are locked into their roles and cannot be authentic: the robot boy who yearns to be accepted as real, the Jewish child forced to masquerade as a gentile, and the man Bill Harford who cannot quite dare to break through from dreaming about a sexual adventure to actually having one. Like Barry Lyndon, Bill remains on the outside looking in even when he’s at the center of the action.

The source for Eyes Wide ShutDream Story (Traumnovelle) by Arthur Schnitzler, a Viennese Jew and a rough contemporary of Freud—had for decades been one of Kubrick’s obsessions.

Read the full excerpt at Tablet Magazine

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