Video lecture: How Did Moses Know he was a Hebrew? Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet

Moses became the leader of the Children of Israel through the Exodus, but how did the baby in the bull-rushes know that he was one of them? Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet is Emeritus Professor of Bible of Leo Baeck College, of which he is past Principal. He has been co-editor of all British Reform Siddurim and Machzorim since 1977 and has published many fascinating books on the Bible and how to understand it. This talk was originally given as the Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue online talk of the week on 17th April 2020,

Rabbi Magonet was my old teacher, who was a great teacher 30 years ago when I took classes with him. I was happy to listen to a new lecture by him. I also recommend his books: Jewish Explorations of Sexuality, Rabbi’s Bible, The Subversive Bible, A Rabbi Reads the Torah, A Rabbi Reads the Bible and A Rabbi Reads the Psalms

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