Born‌ ‌on‌ ‌April‌ ‌27:‌ ‌Jack Klugman, Oscar of The Odd Couple and Juror #5 of 12 Angry Man

Jack Klugman's headshot

Happy Birthday to Jack Klugman!  He would be 98 years old today, but passed away in 2012. His most memorable role was playing in The Odd Couple TV series with Tony Randall and being one of the 12 jurors in the classic version of 12 Angry Men. One of the most Jewish film he plays in was his penultimate about an unusual Seder night, titled “When Do We Eat?”.

“Though Yiddish was the language at home, there was not a lot of Judaism. “I was never bar mitzvahed,” he says. “My grandfather in Russia was a religious fanatic and the butt of the town jokes. My father was ashamed and became an atheist.” A trip to Israel 20 years ago brought him back in touch with his Jewish roots. “I got on the bus to Jerusalem and burst into tears,” he adds. “I thought, ‘We finally have a place of our own, a place we belong. That was the essence of my life: belonging.” (JWeekly, 2005)

Check his IMDB, Facebook fan, or Wikipedia page for more information.

Watch his last interveiw:

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