Born‌ ‌on‌ ‌April‌ ‌23:‌ ‌Henry Goodman

Henry Goodman's headshot

Happy Birthday to Henry Goodman!  He is 70 years old today. He is an actor, known for Taking Woodstock, Private Parts and The Damned United.” For the wider audience he is known as Dr. List in MCU. He played in dozens of TV series and my favorite films he was in as a character actorsare: Notting Hill, Woman in Gold and Burnt.

“You’ve played a lot of definitively Jewish characters, including Shylock. Do you think Jewish actors run the risk of being typecast? All actors run that risk. The challenge for theatre is to represent Jewish life in all its multiplicity. It’s always, “Oh, come to my bar mitzvah.” We never see the average Jewish businessman or captain or sewage expert. It’s like casting all Irish people as potato-digging idiots.” (The Guardian)

Check his IMDB or Wikipedia page for more information.

Watch is a short interview with him about “Love is Thicker Than Water

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