Born‌ ‌on‌ ‌April‌ ‌20:‌ ‌Ryan O’Neal from Love Story and Paper Moon

Ryan O'Neal headshot

Happy Birthday to Ryan O’Neal!  He is 79 years old today. He is most famous for his roles in Love Story (1970), Paper Moon (1973) and What’s Up, Doc? (1972).

“His maternal grandmother, Mathilde Pius, was born in New York, to a Jewish family; Mathilde’s father, Gustave Pius, was from Germany, and Mathilde’s mother, Rebecca (or Regina) Iglick, was from Schrimm (now Srem, Poland).” (IMDB)

Check his website, IMDB, Facebook, wikipedia page or his Instagram, Twitter account for more information.

Watch this 40 minute iterveiw where he discuses his most successful time as a Hollywood move star, drugs, personal struggles…

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