Born on April 4: Natasha Lyonne from Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne is 41 years old today. She has appeared in over 60 movies and  two dozen TV series but for most TV viewers she is either familiar as “Nicky Nichols” from “Orange Is the New Black” or as the regularly resurrecting main character from Russian Doll. Some of the movies she played in that has Jewish connections are Goyband, Loving Leah and The Grey Zone

Lyonne’s parents were from Orthodox Jewish families, and she was raised Orthodox. Her mother was born in Paris, France, to Hungarian Jewish parents who were Holocaust survivors. Lyonne has darkly joked that her family consists of “my father’s side, Flatbush, and my mother’s side, Auschwitz.” Her grandmother Ella came from a large family, but only she and her two sisters and two brothers survived, which Lyonne credits to their blond hair and blue eyes. Lyonne’s grandfather, Morris Buchinger, operated a watch company in Los Angeles. During the war, he hid in Budapest as a non-Jew working in a leather factory. (Wikipedia)

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