Born on April 2: Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman is 42 years old today. While she is not a major movie star (yet?) but if you watched American TV in the last 20 years you must have seen her. Here are just some of her recurring roles from past TV shows: Little Fires Everywhere, Midnight, Texas, The Punisher, Bates Motel, Mind Games, Drop Dead Diva, Red Widow, Eureka, Eastwick, Veronica Mars, General Hospital….

Her husband is Guy Nattiv is an Israeli born writer/director/actor. Together they made a short film in 2018 titled Skin, that won the Oscar in the “Best Live Action Short Film” category, about an American neo-Nazi. She said in an interview in The Jerusalem Post. 

Guy is the grandchild of four Holocaust survivors; he grew up with stories about the Holocaust. I’m Jewish as well, and I think that we just deeply wanted to explore in the short… [how] what you teach your children is going to perpetuate [into] the next generation. We have a five-month-old, so we see [that] she’s a sponge, and everything we do, she inherits.

Check her IMDB or Wikipedia page for more information or follow Jaime Ray Newman  on Instagram

This post is part of a series, celebrating Jewish people in the film industry on their birthday, one person a day.  Here are the previous posts.

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