ChaiFlicks: New streaming service of Jewish films by Menemsha


Menemsha Films. one of the largest distributor of Jewish movies, has launched a streaming service of (some of) their movies. They named it ChaiFlicks. For the uninitiated “chai” means “life” in Hebrew and the word is often used to represent it in Jewish culture. The service costs $5.99 a month or $66 a year after 30-day free trial. The movies are streaming from Vimeo, which is a de facto choice for a lot of independent filmmakers too, as they can sell their movies online without getting one of the big players in the field involved (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+…).

I wanted to see what movies they offer so I clicked on the “Browse” link. I was disappointed to see that right now only one movie seems to be available. I suspect they are working on adding more to it as the service just launch last Thursday. On the other hand I noticed that the URL changed from to . Being of an inquisitive somewhat technical mind I checked out what might be. I got redirected to Vimeo OTT, whose slogan is “Launch a video subscription service and sell your videos online.” So that’s how Menemsha did it.

BTW: Menemsha also discounted a lot of their movies at iTunes and Amazon prime video: rental is 99 cents and for 4.99 you can own any of the titles.

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  1. Jeannie Miller says:

    I have been using the free trial and the trial is almost up. I would like to renew for a month at $5.99 but not for the whole year. Can I do that?

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