Meeting unmet needs, aka thoughts on “Home Made” (Israel, 2017, 13 min)

Home Made

Home Made is a 13 minute Israeli short film from 2017, made available online on YouTube by JFI (Jewish Film Institute). Here is my page about the film with its details and the synopsis. You may want to watch the film first, at the end of this post, as my insight below contains spoilers.

We are witnessing an intimate evening of three people who are not really aware of their own deepest needs. Here the eternal mother, who is a provider and nurturer, is the proprietor of a small restaurant. She. keeping her restaurant open for the weary traveler. is a metaphor. What is really open is her heart, despite that it is she who really needs love. It is her birthday and her husband, as indicated in a phone conversation, does the exact opposite for the occasion that she asked for: there will be people at their home. 

First she just gives food  the man who stumbles in her eatery. Later he gives her attention. She does the something similar to the kid who got beaten at the back door. First some first aid, than attention. All her attention to others magically transforms the evening into a warm family dinner for this instant family. She also gets attention, warmth, dare I say love back for all her good deeds. What is the message from this? A, keep your eye open for opportunities to do good; B, perform the good deed; C, you will be rewarded. This is the kind of message I am happy to embrace. Are you?

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