7 minute video from 1938: The Neubergers and the Jewish Community of Sennfeld-Adelsheim

Found this video on YouTube, a film shot by Max Korshak in May, 1938:

From the description

What this video shows: The family of Isaak and Gida Neuberger outside their home at Adolf-Hitler-Straße 58 in Sennfeld. (The street was formerly “Hauptstraße”; its original name was restored following the fall of the Nazi regime). Beginning at 4:19 you can see students from Sennfeld’s Zionist training camp (Hachshara) which operated 1936-1939 on land owned by Isaak Neuberger and his brother Adolf. The young students came from many parts of Germany to prepare for emigration to Palestine. Beginning at 6:07 you can see exteriors of the “new” Sennfeld synagogue, built in 1836.

For further information and a request read the details at the video on YouTube.


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