More Israeli TV to stream when you’re done with ‘Shtisel’

Mossad 101From Kveller

These days, there is a delightful array of Israeli content (with English subtitles) on all your favorite streaming platforms. Seriously, it’s an embarrassment of riches. What’s even better is that many of these shows have cast members in common with “Shtisel” — Israel is a small country, after all.

So grab your Bissli (or snack of choice), put those kids to bed (or if they’re older, plop them on the couch by you) and get ready to binge your heart out.

“A Touch Away” (Amazon Prime)
“The Baker and the Beauty” (Amazon Prime)
“False Flag” (Hulu)
“Hostages” (Netflix)
“Prisoners of War” (Hulu)
“Srugim” (Amazon Prime)
“Mossad 101” (Netflix)
“Mekimi” (Amazon Prime)
“Fauda” (Netflix)

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