Recent changes to this site (January 2019)

I did a few update to the site, hopefully making it more user friendly.

Blindness / Zacma screenshot
  1. The trailers on the individual films’ pages are now showing correctly (if they exist.) By correctly I mean that they are on the correct position, right below the films’ details and scale exactly to the width of your screen whether you are watching on a cellphone or a bigger screen.
  2. The films’ posters are moved up on the same page, so you can see them without scrolling down, making the description of the film less wide on laptop/desktop screen, thus easier to read.
  3. The home page has the latest blog posts, instead of just a list of festivals. The plan is to have more frequent blog posts, thus making this page more relevant and interesting.
  4. There is a disclaimer text above the comment form, explaining that we are not affiliated with any festival or film so for further information visitors should contact the festival organizers or filmmakers respectively. The texts read:
    For information about this festival, including films shown and schedule, please click the ‘website’ link above. (This site is not affiliated with the festival.)
    For information about this film, including how to get a copy of it, please click the DVD, Instant Video, IMDB or website link above. (This site is not affiliated with the film.)

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