The 119 movies added to this site between May and July 2018

Posters for the movies added to between May and July2018Between May and July  2018 I added 119 movies to this site, see the whole list below and the covers of some of them.

  1. Across the Line
  2. After Auschwitz
  3. Almost Famous
  4. And Then She Arrived
  5. Azimuth
  6. A Bag of Marbles
  7. Bagels in the Blood
  8. Bank Robbery
  9. Beyond the Mountains and Hills
  10. Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive
  11. The Boy Downstairs
  12. The Boys from Brazil
  13. Chad Gadya
  14. Challah Rising in the Desert: The Jews of New Mexico
  15. A Classy Broad
  16. Close the Shutters
  17. Comedy Road
  18. Cut to the Chase
  19. Death in the Terminal
  20. Devil Wears a Suit
  21. Dimona Twist
  22. The Director
  23. Disobedience
  24. Doubtful
  25. The Earth Cries Out
  26. El Hara
  27. Elish’s Notebooks
  28. Etched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross
  29. Falling Over Backwards
  30. Footsteps of My Father
  31. Foreign Land
  32. The Freedom to Marry
  33. Funny Girl
  34. Future ’38
  35. Germans & Jews
  36. Gilbert
  37. Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta
  38. The Guys Next Door
  39. Habesha
  40. The History of Love
  41. Iom Romi
  42. The Jews of Syria 1930-1967
  43. Journey from Tunisia
  44. Juda
  45. Jungle
  46. Keep It Cool
  47. Kid Yamaka
  48. The Last Goldfish
  49. The Last Resort
  50. The Law of Averages
  51. A League of Their Own
  52. A Letter from London
  53. Levinsky Park
  54. The Lopez Story
  55. The Love Letter
  56. The Making of a President, 1944
  57. Marshall
  58. Maydeleh and the Prisoner
  59. The Mighty Atom
  60. Miriam
  61. The Mission of Raoul Wallenberg
  62. Montana
  63. Mustard Seed
  64. No 5 War
  65. Next Stop
  66. The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm
  67. On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi
  68. On The Waterfront
  69. One Night in Anzeria
  70. Operation Egg
  71. Our Father
  72. Our Heroes
  73. The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick
  74. A Pageant for Survivors
  75. Paradise
  76. Paralleles
  77. The Pirate Captain Toledano
  78. Pista
  79. A Place of Hope: The Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Remembrance Garden,
  80. Playing God
  81. The Prince and the Dybbuk
  82. Promise at Dawn
  83. The Pulitzer at 100
  84. The Rabbi’s Daughter & the Midwife
  85. Razzia
  86. The Red House
  87. Restoring Tomorrow
  88. Russian Jews: Film 1918-1948
  89. Russian Jews. Film 1. Before the Revolution
  90. Russian Jews. Film 3. After 1948.
  91. Saving Auschwitz?
  92. The Scribe
  93. Searching for Sugihara
  94. Shehita
  95. Shemira
  96. Shimala
  97. Simon & Theodore
  98. Six After Seventy
  99. Sleeping Bears
  100. Spielberg
  101. Take My Nose… Please!
  102. A Tale of a Woman and a Robe
  103. Talia
  104. They Played for Their Lives
  105. This Ancient Law
  106. Tickling Giants
  107. Today I am a Fountain Pen
  108. The Twinning Reaction
  109. Two Zions: The Living Legacy of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon
  110. Unstrung Heroes
  111. Vienna Before Nightfall
  112. Viki and Me
  113. Vitch
  114. Wanderlust: Lesley Hazleton
  115. Well Done
  116. Why Do They Hate Us?
  117. Wig Shop
  118. Winter Hunt
  119. The Wonder and Amazement – Rita Briansky On Her Life in Art

2 Responses

  1. Gita Farid says:

    Hi, my film about the invasion of Poland and a round-up in a Jewish Quarter was at The Short Film Corner at Cannes in May this year, as well as a Platinum Winner at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, as well as screened at the Polish Short Film Festival in Vegas in Aug 2018, and should be on your list. Can you add it please?

    • jewishfilmfests says:

      As I wrote to you in March: I looked through the films posted on your website and found only one that had a Jewish theme: It’s over! I just added that:

      I saw you made several WWII themed films, but they didn’t seem directly related to the Jewish experience. Please point out any other film that you think should be on the site, that is dedicated to Jewish films and festivals.

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