How to get your festival listed on

How to get your festival listed on you the director or organizer of a Jewish Film Festival anywhere in the word and would like your festival get listed on this site (or enhances the already existing listing)? If yes, now there is a way, as I just added a Get Listed form where you can request it to be done.

There are three levels of listings of festivals on this site.

  1. Basic: includes festival’s name, date, location and link to website and Facebook page, if exists.
  2. With films: includes basic listing and list of films shown at the festival.
  3. Enhanced: with custom text and/or image from the festival’s organizers.

All film festivals, that we know of, will be added eventually to the website at this level. Thus Basic┬álisting of your festival will probably happen at some time. However, if you don’t see your festival on the site we can add it for $36 within two days or $18 within a week. If you want the films you are showing also listed on your festivals listing here that also can be done. That is much more work thus the price is $108 for a two day turnaround and $72 for a week. All of these options allow you to add a custom paragraph and/or image on the listing, which Basic listings don’t have. Furthermore you get a 20% discount if you add a link to on your website and keep it there for at least a year.

If your festival is already listed here you can get a custom paragraph and/or image added ($18) or get that and the films shown listed ($72/$54 to be done within 2 days or a week respectively.)

Go ahead, get your festival listed!

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