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Lev PosterA visitor of this website asked:

I am a member of a film festival committee working on short films for our festival in 2018. Would you be able to point me to a list of shorts, particularly Israeli films?

I thought the answer may be interested to everyone. The simplest way to get an overview of Israeli short films (if you don’t read Hebrew) is to check the listing on (The Internet Movie Database). The advanced search feature is excellent.  For example, here is the page if you search for released short films made in Israel between last July and now, sorted by popularity, most popular being in top. You can adjust these and many other criteria on the search page to fine-tune the range you are looking for. Right now there are 187 titles on this list; the top five being: Lev, And That’s It, Poker Game, Shmama and The Transfer.

There  is a caveat though using this as your only source:  not every short film is listed on this site, so it is not and can not be a comprehensive list. Furthermore if you are a film festival organizer it may be hard to contact the filmmakers or distributors of the films you find here. There are two solutions for this:

a, You could sign up for IMDbPro and for $20/month can get deeper access. If the site has information about the director or distributor this way you can probably have access to it.

b, You could check the “official site” section of any given movie and quote often you would be taken to  a place where you can contact someone who could answer how to get the movie for your festival. If it is a Facebook page you can always send a message via Facebook, assuming you are on it. If it is a regular website, most of those have contact forms to reach the right people. Tip: to find the list of official sites on the laptop/desktop version of IMDB. you need to click the “MORE” link center top;  on the right of the IMDbPro link, right under the navigational link. It is a bit hidden, but worthwhile to explore the other options there too.

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  1. Offir says:

    You may contact me for Israeli Short Films from the past 2 years.

  2. Stephanie Whitson says:

    This is a wonderfully helpful response! Thanks so much!

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