We Need More (Jewish) Screen Time, Not Less – Kveller

From Kveller

Judaism lags behind the secular world when it comes to using media to teach social and emotional ideas—aka values. Not because we don’t have the goods, either. From Pirke Avot (Ethics of our Fathers) to Orchot Tzaddikim (The Ways of the Tzaddikim) we have a tradition replete with wisdom about everyday life, parenting, and improving our middot, or character traits. And yet this stuff is relatively niche in mainstream liberal Jewish circles. It shouldn’t be!

Yes, our holidays are awesome—they’ve got great stories, foods, dress-up opportunities, and my personal favorite, religiously-commanded backyard forts.

…So “Shaboom!” is our new ride down the rainbow into social emotional learning here at BimBam. Each week we will release a new episode about eight minutes long for kids. The first episode is on Welcoming Guests (Hachnasat Orchim).

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